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Mark Montoya
Mark Montoya
Resume Expert
"Make visible what without you, might not have been seen."
Coach Karen is a Resume ExpertCoach Karen
Interview Expert
"You only live once, so don't live with regrets."
Coach Stephanie is an Interview Expert

 Coach Stephanie

CEO Coach

"You only live once, so don't live with regrets."

Coach Kisha

Career Transition Expert

"A Stop Doing List is More Important Than A To-Do List."

Career Coaches in Chicago

Whether you are a Chicago White Sox fan or a Chicago Cubs fan, and really, it is either one or the other, Chicagoans know competition. In today's job search, competition for jobs is much the same as the competition that job seekers face when applying for jobs.

In today's job market, there are too few jobs for too many applicants, and the competition for Chicago area jobs is intense — as intense as the rivalry between the South-siders and the North-siders.

With competition at an all time pitch, you will need every advantage and you will need to take full advantage of every opportunity and have all your assets at their fullest. This means having a resume that speaks to the value and benefit your bring to a company and speaks to the differences you have over other candidates. You need to be able to interview — effectively — either by phone, in person one-on-one and/or in a panel-style interview. Also, you will need to have all the "accessories" down pat, like your thank you note, salary request/history information and more.

Having all this completed can be the difference between unemployment and finding your ideal career, In going through these items, what happens if you have questions, concerns or problems with your job search? We recommend looking at Career Coaching. At www.MyOnlineCareerCoach.com not only do we offer the opportunity to have interaction with a career coach from the comfort of your own home and online, but we have tons of valuable content — from job specialization information, to how to position yourself online, to interview tips and advice, to resume answers, and much, much more!

What are the benefits of having a Personal Career Coach?

A career coach can help you significantly decrease the time and effort it takes to change career goals, job roles and/or industries and to find your ideal job and career. A Career Coach is a driver who can be a partner with you in your career goals, and provide proven tools and templates, concrete strategies, and a step-by-step process to help you change careers more quickly and easily.

How does Career Coaching work?

A personal career coaching session includes 55-minutes over the phone where you and your career coach will turn off the cell phones, beepers, and e-mails to focus on YOU and your career challenges and goals. It is YOUR time to share your situation, ask your toughest questions and get real strategies to move your career forward. Whether you're in a confused state about your goals, or need help breaking into a new job role or industry — your personal coach can give you a proven roadmap, step-by-step strategies, and a balanced perspective to help you move into a deeper, more meaningful, and new career path.

Get the ultimate competitive edge — get a reasonably priced, knowledgeable expert in the career coaching field to help you get your ideal career. Don't run around Chicago looking for one either, as that burns time and money that is precious in today's economy; you will be able to find a good fit on our site.

Remember, our motto at www.MyOnlineCareerCoach.com is: Don't Worry Job Seekers, We've Done This Before!

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Success Stories

"I wanted to let you know that I was successful in finding a new position to which I transitioned on December 1. I am convinced that the improvements you made to my resume were instrumental in helping me communicate a true value proposition to prospective employers. I feel very fortunate, and I really appreciate your efforts.”
- Franklin Trusk

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Tips and Techniques

 1. Be Specific. Have Focus in your job/career search.

2. Beef up your email signature.

3. Authenticity Matters

4. Cross-promote.

5. Become visible in the industry.