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Mark Montoya
Mark Montoya
Resume Expert
"Make visible what without you, might not have been seen."
Coach Karen is a Resume ExpertCoach Karen
Interview Expert
"You only live once, so don't live with regrets."
Coach Stephanie is an Interview Expert

 Coach Stephanie

CEO Coach

"You only live once, so don't live with regrets."

Coach Kisha

Career Transition Expert

"A Stop Doing List is More Important Than A To-Do List."

What is a Career Coach

At MyOnlineCareerCoach.com we are looking for individuals who want to help direct, teach, consult and support job seekers to get their ideal careers. Those who are the best coaches, however, know that the best part of the job is being able to help and support others to greater heights than they had previously known. The following statement applies to both the coach and the job seeker as seen by MyOnlineCareerCoach.com:

“You will get rich most easily in point of effort, if you do that for which you are best fitted; but you will get rich most satisfactorily if you do that which you WANT to do.”
~ Wallace D. Wattles

The trouble with many who are entering into this profession is that they do not have a list of clients, and finding clients means that they have to advertise and market, and compete against other career consultants to find potential prospects, if indeed clients. This takes them away from what they are good at doing and forces them to spend time and money that would be better spent helping people.

Fortunately, here at MyOnlineCareerCoach.com we have taken the guesswork out of the equation by providing clients who need help:

“You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb.”
-Andrew Carnegie

The users of MyOnlineCareerCoach.com know that they need help. They know that they are unable to do it on their own. And they know that they need some help to get where they want to go.

Career Coaching, in general, can encompass many facets: from resume consulting, to interview coaching, to personal brand instruction, life coaching, to career life coaching, to helping with wardrobe selection.

We are looking for specialists in all areas of career coaching to lend their expertise.

The more specialized and ‘niched’ the professional coach is, the better as it will help to distinguish you from the rest of the coaches on the site and provide a more broad platform from which MyOnlineCareerCoach.com to broadcast itself- a win-win relationship.


Success Stories

"I wanted to let you know that I was successful in finding a new position to which I transitioned on December 1. I am convinced that the improvements you made to my resume were instrumental in helping me communicate a true value proposition to prospective employers. I feel very fortunate, and I really appreciate your efforts.”
- Franklin Trusk

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Tips and Techniques

 1. Be Specific. Have Focus in your job/career search.

2. Beef up your email signature.

3. Authenticity Matters

4. Cross-promote.

5. Become visible in the industry.