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Some Common Gripes of Employers and Job Seekers – Answered!

Employees and job seekers often have similar concerns, gripes and worries. Here are a few that I’ve heard quite frequently recently… and answers to the querries.

Six Ways to Keep Employees Focused and Happy During the Holiday Season

At the same time, it’s a crucial period for businesses trying to achieve certain goals by year’s end. The clash of these important issues can be enough to bring even the best performer down.

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You May Ask, Why Career Coaching?

You may ask, Why Career Coaching? It’s a good question, and the answer is found in the heart of human nature.

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Job Search SEO – Secure Your Name, Whether You Use it Now or Later

Web developers don’t rely on luck to drive readers to their Web site. They use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the likelihood search engines will showcase their Web pages. Your profiles on LinkedIn and other social networks should be no different. Make sure recruiters can find you.


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About Online Career Coaching

About Online Career Coaching. Designed to serve the job seeker, provides career strategists to assist job seekers in recognizing and developing their unique strengths in an effort to improve their chances of landing the perfect job.

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