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Job Opportunities For People With A Criminal Record

Job Opportunities For People With A Criminal Record. Listed below, are tips on how to get employed even though you may have a criminal record:

10 Tips for Negotiating a Pay Rise

Make sure the person you’re asking for a pay rise has the authority to give it. Whoever is your immediate supervisor may not be the right person to ask and, what’s worse, they might not admit to this, and so you won’t even know you’ve asked the wrong person and will have missed your chance.

How to Spot a Job Scam

You’re out of work and there aren’t many jobs out there. You’re not getting job offers or even call-backs for interviews. You’re feeling vulnerable and desperate. Unfortunately, you’re just the person scammers are looking for.

Different Engineering Jobs and the Degrees to Get Them

“Engineer” is one of the better paying job titles available today. The question is, what kind of engineer? Here are some of the different engineering jobs available today:

Do I Look Like a Dinosaur to You?

Do I Look Like a Dinosaur to You?

Four Ways To Impact Learning with Employees

In between coaching sessions today I received an email request to teach an online class in January. That got my thinking about groups, learning, and design. While the final design will take into consideration more ways to impact learning, here are four that popped into mind.

8 Ways to Protect Your Job with Layoffs Looming

The recession might be easing its grip on the economy, but that good news comes too late to stop a lot of companies from trimming payroll. If the layoff rumors are swirling at your workplace, you’re not alone—and you aren’t helpless.

5 Ways Twitter Can Get You Fired

When it comes to using online tools, it is extremely important that you know the slightest misjudgment on your part can cost you your job. We know that the internet has become a convenient gateway to job search but it has also become a viable tool for employers to keep track on employees or applicants.

You May Ask, Why Career Coaching?

You may ask, Why Career Coaching? It’s a good question, and the answer is found in the heart of human nature.

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How to Have Success in Job Searching

Job searching is not high on the list of pleasurable activities, but everyone has to do it. The undertaking of finding a job requires learning certain job-search skills and fine-tuning them to a high level.

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