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5 Ways To Use Musical Talent In A Creative Career

5 Ways To Use Musical Talent In A Creative Career. There are plenty of alternative ways to make money out of a career in music.

5 Sports Stars Who Became Huge Business Stars

5 Sports Stars Who Became Huge Business Stars. Stars who have managed to harness their personal development as they shift from one profession into another.

How to Make Recruiting a New Employee Easier

In the current business climate, it can be difficult for companies with staff openings to attract and choose the best staff for the role. Though businesses undoubtedly benefit from having an extraordinarily wide pool of talent to choose from given the present increased level of unemployment, they are also faced with a daunting task.

Working from Home: Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

In a word: BOTH! Like any job, there are both pros and cons to being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and basically being in control of your career and your life. It may seem like sunny days when you start, sleeping until noon, wearing your pajamas to work, and taking a break for Pilates, lunch with friends, or The Young and the Restless any time you want. But your dream job can quickly turn into nightmare if you don’t have the discipline to hustle work and get your bills paid. So before you jump into a job that allows you to work from the comfort of home, here are a few pluses and minuses to consider.

We overestimate the gap between nonprofit and for-profit jobs

My ex-husband worked in the nonprofit sector for a while. And you know what? He rarely got health insurance. At one point, we were completely stressed out about not being insured, and he asked his boss what everyone else was doing, and she said, ‘Can’t you get insurance from your spouse? That’s what we do.

How Start-Ups Really Create Jobs – and What This Means for Employment Growth

“The prevailing wisdom is that new businesses create jobs because newly formed companies grow over time. It makes for a nice story, but it’s not correct.”