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Web Design School: Your Ticket to a Great Career

Are you looking for a web design school?

Within the last decade, web-design has emerged as a hot and popular career choice for millions of people. With the internet penetration growing throughout the world, more and more websites are being created every single day. Proportionately, job opportunities for good web-designers are increasing every day. But the sector has its own growth and challenges with the rapid improvement in technologies and demands of customers. Thus the days of foraying into the world of web-design with a simple course in HTML are frankly over!

No need to worry though. There are serious colleges and schools out there teaching students the intricate skills required to make the finest bug-free websites. Fortunately, the best web-design courses offered can be studied online at the comfort of your home.

Here is a list of the top 5 web design schools for studying online.

5. International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT)

Headquartered at Orlando, Florida, IADT is well reputed as one of the pioneers and among the best colleges for studying web-design. Students wishing to study at IADT can be sure that the college will leave no stone unturned to teach them the latest courses in the field of computers, web-design and internet.

As an experienced academy the school has been teaching students various subjects related to arts and design for more than 30 years. Thus, its online courses in web-design can be considered as a brilliant combination of experience and innovation. The college offers Bachelor’s Degree and Associate Degree programs in Web Design and Development. Students can also benefit from various scholarships and grant options from the school. The courses from IADT are accredited by ACICS.

4. DeVry University

DeVry University falls among the most reputed colleges in the world for offering the best quality online courses. Headquartered in Illinois, USA, the university has its operations spread across more than 90 locations around the world. The online courses at DeVry are constantly updated to match the changes in the dynamic world of web and technology. A Bachelor’s Degree and an Associate Degree in Web Design are offered at DeVry University. DeVry’s scholarships and grant programs could also benefit students in many ways. The courses of DeVry are accredited by NCAHLC.

3. Colorado Technical University (CTU)

Affordable fee structure, state-of-the-art courses and unbeatable recognition are some of the major features that put CTU on this list. The university offers a fully dedicated Bachelor’s program in Web Development. CTU also offers one of the best financial aid packages for its students. Students from CTU also stand to gain through its reputed alumni network. Employees often rate the graduates of CTU to be among the most qualitative in the market. Hence, it would be a wise choice to enroll at CTU. CTU is accredited by NCAHLC.

2. Franklin University

The online web design courses at Franklin University give students the chance to develop an amazing mix of knowledge and reputation. The online web design course of the university is run by a separate division named College of Arts, Sciences & Technology. An experienced faculty comprising of industry leaders and famous innovators ensures that students at Franklin get the extra edge after they graduate.

The college offers a bachelors degree and a minor course in web development. If you want the best quality education in web development, then enrolling in Franklin’s online course is a must. The courses from the university are accredited by several reputed agencies including IACBE and NCAHLC.

1. Kaplan University

There are many factors that put this famous university on the top of our list of top web design schools. Affordable fee structure, a dedicated and experience faculty team, constant updates of course contents to suit modern needs, quality credit transfer options from other colleges and excellent market performance of its students all combined together to make the web design programs offered by Kaplan a great course to enroll in. The college offers BS programs in IT with special focus on Web Development.

Thus, if you want to make a genuine career in web design, then start off by enrolling in a good course in a good web design school like the ones listed above.

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