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Talent Services: Why Is It Better To Choose Talent Services Over Casting Agencies?

Before we tell you why it is a better idea to choose talent services over casting agencies, you need to understand the difference between the two. Unlike casting agencies, talent services focus on protecting the interests of both parties – the aspiring actors and also the casting directors/companies. Casting agencies on the other hand just need the right people for a particular role. Sounds confusing?

Let’s try and understand each of them better and also find out why talent services are better compared to casting agencies, or Talent Services: Why Is It Better To Choose Talent Services Over Casting Agencies?.

1. It really matters whether you are already established or an aspiring actor: If it’s just a casting agency, they wouldn’t really want someone expedience for a particular role unless otherwise mentioned. The reason is simple – casting agencies get paid by the producers of the time someone sent by them gets hired. So, of course they would want to increase their chances by recommending someone who already has some experience on his back. Talent acquisition agencies on the other hand would have a percentage of your pay packet when you land a role and hence it would be in their best interests to push you and make you successful. Since they have a reputation to keep, they would also keep in mind the specific requirements of a casting director/casting agency and only recommend you for roles that would be the most appropriate for you based on your experience and capabilities. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

2. Payment is guaranteed: an acting agency or a modeling agency is supposed to get you an assignment and the moment they get paid by the client, you are going to receive your share – unfortunately, in the real world things aren’t really that simple! In the first place, a casting agency would make you feel obliged just because they took your phone call! Even if you are lucky enough to be able to land yourself a role or assignment (because there would be hundreds of experienced people fighting for that), you might have a tough time getting paid for your work – the agency would have you believe that payment is not as important as the role that they just got you! On the other hand, a talent acquisition agency would always want to make sure that you get paid at the right time because unless that happens they are not going to make any money.

3. Consistent work: More and more casting directors are not turning to talent services for their needs and this helps talent services offer more work to aspiring actors and models. It is true that since getting accepted into talent agencies is far more easier compared to casting agencies, the average pay for assignment might not always be overwhelming, but isn’t it better to get paid regularly and have regular work rather than have a large assignment in hand without knowing when you would have the payment or if you would have the payment at all? Talent services would always want you to fair well because it’s you and other aspiring actors who pay for their bread!

John Trebley works in the entertainment industry and publishes One Source Talent Reviews to help others find work in the field they love.

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