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Most Sought After Careers In The US

As everything else changes and evolves, the job market isn’t an exception. Each year, the most sought after careers change and so do the skills employers require from their already hired employees or future ones. Let’s take a look at what the market has been like for 2013 for the Most Sought After Careers In The US.

Most Sought After Careers In The US

Best paid jobs

It would seem that the best paid are family and general practitioners, earning about $172,020.

Chief executives, earning roughly $168,140 a year, are usually well prepared people, as it is not an easy job to handle the business as a top executive, especially a large one. To the main salary, performance bonuses, stock options and other executive perks may enter into play.

Then we have architectural and engineering managers, with an annual salary of around $124,870. This area of the job market hasn’t been that stable, decreasing with approximately 18% between 2002 and 2012.

Computer and information systems managers. They earn approximately $120,950 a year. The requests for employees in the IT field is very high not only in the US, but across the world. Some IT managers, like chief information and chief technology officers, are among the senior executives at a firm and their salary is pretty high.

Next on the list are the marketing managers. They earn around $119,480. They are key people to any business, as they are responsible for monitoring market trends and demand. Based on studies and surveys, they develop strategies that help companies maximize its sales and keep ahead of the competition.

Believe it or not, pharmacists earn about $116,670 annually. Pharmacists are a growing occupation in the US due to the pronlonged hours the pharmacies function (some are opened even during the night and even on weekends), employees needing to work in shifts

Lawyers gain at least $113,530 annually. In 2012, in the US there were over half a million lawyers, but it seems that with the economy being as it is, even big law firms are in trouble and are starting to cut costs, their services not being in as much demand as in the past.

Financial managers, earn roughly $109,740. Every company needs a financial manager, so the demand for them on the work force hasn’t really diminished.

Sales managers have an annual income of about $105,260. The final salary depends on many things, like how many people a manager trained and how well his / her team did monthly sales wise. In the US, there is an estimated 344,730 sales managers.

Most popular careers for 2013

• Network Systems Analysts

• Physician’s Assistant

• Medical Assistants

• Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

• Software Engineers

• Physical Therapist Aides

• Fitness Trainers

• Database Administrators

• Veterinary Technicians

• Dental Hygienists

Even though we talked about the best paid jobs and most sought after careers, the job market wasn’t looking so great in September of this year, when about 308,000 people filed initial claims for unemployment benefits. We can only hope that situation will be better in the year to come.

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