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How To Establish A Competency Framework To Improve Your Business.

In order to get work done in a workplace, it is important that each job role follows a list of skills, in order to complete tasks to the best of their ability.

One way to make sure that your business runs smoothly is to come up with a list of competencies. This is a list of skills, ideas and judgments that your employees must comply with.

By coming up with this list, you are giving your employees an idea of what your company considers important in the work place, in terms of behavior. This will allow for a more positive atmosphere in your workplace, which in turn will create a better work ethic.

Benefits of a Competency Framework

You will also gain some of these benefits:

You can create one of these lists by adding it to your staff management program, which will allow you to collect useful and effective information, in order to get an idea of what your staff are capable of. This will allow you to create a set of practices that is easily achieved by everybody in the workplace.

Develop Competencies

In order to create an effective framework, you need to have a set of competencies for every role in your business. This will require you to do some research into each and every role, in order to understand what is expected of them and what they will require.

Finding out this information can be done in a couple of ways. You can either hire an outside business to develop the framework for you or you can design a standard framework and then personalise it to each role as you learn more about the needs of each role in your organisation.

How Can I Start Making the Framework?

Making the framework can be broken down in a few simple steps.

 1.      Preparation

Before you can make the framework, you have to understand why you are making it.  Looking at every job role in your organisation will tell you what you will require in your framework, in order to make it effective.

2.      Research

Talk to your employees. Find out what they feel is necessary for the success of the business. This will give you a fresh perspective.

Analyse the work. Each role will require different competencies. Keep in mind that you are creating a framework for the entire business, so you are looking for competencies that can be established across the whole business, standards that all of your employees can strive to meet as well as a working practises review.

3.      Put it all together

This step will require the help of your team leaders, in order to divide the skill sets that you have gathered into competencies. You should aim to have three or four skill piles at first, which are then split into subgroups. These will also have three or four piles of related behaviors, which you will then name as competencies to be shared with the work group.

4.      Apply the framework

When you have created the competencies and you are happy with your choices and your reasons for your choices, it is now time to share with your employees why the competency framework has been developed and what you hope to gain from its introduction to your work life.

Ryan is a freelance business consultant living and workiong in London, England.

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