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Tips For Becoming A Trucker

Tips For Becoming A Trucker

In general, most people agree that one of the jobs that will never go away is that of a trucker. That’s right, truck drivers haul everything coast to coast, including food. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a trucker, driving a refrigerated truck may be the way to go for you.

Here is how to buy or hire a refrigerated vehicle.

Employee Driving

There are a lot of opportunities to drive for well established companies. Grocery chains and discount stores must keep a fresh stock of perishable items in order to stay in business. To do this, they have their own fleet of vehicles to keep the stores stocked.

There are benefits to this type of job. As the driver, you don’t have the pressure of finding loads. You get paid either by the mile, by the hour, or by the trip, and if you have to dead-head back to the warehouse, that is your employer’s poor planning, not yours. Any technical problems are at the feet of your employer – he will have to try to get working equipment to you in time to save the shipment, and you are not responsible for that.

You will be responsible for checking your truck, refrigeration unit, and trailer to make sure everything is in working condition before you hit the road. However, if there is a sudden equipment failure that is not your fault, you are not usually held responsible.

Self Employment

If you are brave enough, you can take the plunge and go into independent trucking on your own. In these cases, you may be able to rent a refrigerated vehicle. But more commonly, you’ll purchase your own big rig. There are some options for your selection that you should consider. But, remember, you’re in business for yourself. You’ll have to find your own shipments, and once the delivery is made, you’ll have to find your own return shipment so that you don’t “dead head” back to your home base.

Types Of Trucks

Estimate the size of shipments you will typically be hauling. A 22 ft. long trailer will haul upto 26,000 gross vehicle weight, with 7,000 pounds of load. A 26 ft trailer will load up to 33,000 gross vehicle weight, and haul 11,000 pounds of cargo. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that the refrigeration unit is up-sized with the longer trailer, as well.

When you rent a refrigerated truck, you may find one that has an automatic transmission. Most of them have power steering. You’ll want to look at the possibilities of a hydraulic lift gate. The lift gate should have enough capacity to lift a loaded pallet, and a large enough platform for the same.

Make sure that you have automatic start/stop features so that the refrigeration system can be remotely operated. This also will save on fuel, and decrease emissions, as well.

There are many companies that lease refrigerated trucks. Check with their rental policies concerning equipment maintenance and failure. This can get you on the road, and get your business going.

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Steve Holt just loves everything about driving. After gaining experience working for Falcon vehicle solutions lorry driving several years ago, he knows his stuff and thoroughly enjoys writing articles.

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