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The 6 Commandments For Landing A Job

The 6 Commandments For Landing A Job

For recruiters in companies, it is a daily phenomenon to pick, choose, grind, reject or accept potential candidates who seek jobs as desperately as Harry seeks Voldemort’s horcruxes. Yes, it is a tough job. Yes, sometimes the candidates call up head-hunters to know whether they got the job or not (never do that! they’ll call you or else they will move on) and yes, sometimes they are rejected the moment they walk-in for the interview.

So the question is why should a recruiter hire you? The few pointers below might just answer the elusive question:

Thou shalt be presentable

The 6 Commandments For Landing A Job

No one expects you to look like George Clooney (maybe sometimes, if the interviewer is female, she hopes), but irrespective of the gender of the interviewer, you as a candidate should be presentable to look at. Iron that sole, not too flashy, shirt you might own. Wear decent fitted trousers and please comb your hair (don’t style it like a porcupine).

Thou shalt be a smarty

The 6 Commandments For Landing A JobSimply having bookish knowledge gets you nowhere apart from the library. In this day and age, being “street-smart” is far more important. So even if you are not that genius whiz kid you portray yourself to be, if you know how to apply your brains when needed or can stay calm in a crisis situation and come up with logical answers when asked, you are sorted.

Thou shalt not be cocky

The 6 Commandments For Landing A JobHumor is appreciated; everywhere really. But, there is a line which should not be crossed. Funny can turn into cocky within seconds, so it is advised to just stay within limits in the first interview. You can always show your fun and happy side to your colleagues later, after office hours of course.

Thou shalt not keep drunky- time pictures online

The 6 Commandments For Landing A JobCertainly you must be a social butterfly, surely you have the best party tricks and surely you have some mean dance moves which wow everybody present in the club/house party/road/building premises.  But, there is really no reason for your future employers to find that out. Keep your personal life what it should be, i.e. personal. Online checks are done by every recruiter and keeping your “wild” side is always better for you and the company.

Thou shalt know what you are getting into

The 6 Commandments For Landing A JobWhen you send your resume to every possible company looking for people, please research on what the company is all about. It will help you in your interview as you won’t be sitting like a zombie when the interviewer will ask you about where you see yourself in the next five years (partying and blowing up my savings in Las Vegas is not the correct answer here).  Details and added information always helps as you are aware of what you are getting into and whether the said job is suited for you.

Though shalt not be a lame duck

The 6 Commandments For Landing A JobInterviews are intimidating; even the person taking your interview has been through it once. Nobody expects you to be a human Wikipedia, so don’t get intimidated. Stick to the points you know and admit your ignorance if you are not sure about some point. Back yourself as no one will back you there and shine in the sun. (Don’t sparkle, unless you are a creepy vampire who is attractive to weird self-hating girls with major self-esteem issues).

Keep these points in mind and go with the flow. Life doesn’t go according to your script so don’t be afraid to think on your feet. Hopefully, with the correct blending of all your positives, you will nail the job and will be jumping, hopping or skipping towards your fancy new office.

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Today’s guest author, Jones Mcavoy, is a headhunter at InFusion, a human resource company based in Australia. He judges people well and with the years of experience, knows how to find the perfect candidate for a particular job.

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