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Music Can Make You A Better Public Speaker

Public speaking is a huge fear to many people. Large crowds, constant attention, and the fear of embarrassment all add to the fear of public speaking.

But there is one thing that can easily make you a better public speaker, and that one thing is music.

It can give you confidence.

If you sing or play an instrument, you have  probably practiced in front of someone or even a large group. This constant practice can help you be a better public speaker because it will give you the confidence you need to stand in front of crowds. The more you play or sing in front of a crowd, the more comfortable you will become doing so. After a while, you no longer become nervous while in front of people, whether you’re performing or simply speaking.

It can calm you down.

If you get pre-speaking jitters, listening to calming music beforehand can help to ease your nerves. You can simply relax by yourself and tune out the world while listening to music that makes you happy and helps to calm you down. Then, when you walk on stage to speak publicly, you will be in the right state of mind to simply allow yourself to talk without feeling nervous about the experience.

It teaches you how to talk.

When you’re speaking publicly, you need to know how to enunciate your words and how to properly use a microphone. If you sing or play an instrument, you are always practicing these skills. You learn how to enunciate your words so that your audience understands what you’re trying to say, and you know how to use a microphone correctly so that you’re not talking too softly, too loudly or creating any type of interference. There’s no difference between the way you speak or use a mic when you’re performing than when you’re talking, so you’ll be able to feel comfortable doing both.

It can help you work the crowd.

As a performer, you know the importance of resonating with your audience and getting them to feel you. You learn how to make the right type of eye contact, you learn how to walk on a stage to excite your audience and you know the right way to convey emotion with simple body language. This can help you while public speaking. The best public speakers don’t simply hide behind a podium for their duration of their speech—they move around, they work the crowd and they use hand gestures to convey emotion. Music can teach you how to do these things so that your public speaking “wows” the crowd and leaves them hanging on your every word. The more entertaining you can be during your speaking event, the more your audience will enjoy what you have to say. And the more your audience enjoys your speech, the more comfortable you will be on stage talking because it will help to build your confidence.

Leyla Jones prepares drum music sheets designed to support music therapy groups. She works for Drum Place.

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