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7 Ways The Internet Has Changed The Meaning Of Job Hunting

7 Ways The Internet Has Changed The Meaning Of Job Hunting

Are you among the large community of people who can remember life before the internet? If so then you might well have spent long hours poring over CV’s and cover letters, before sending these essential documents through the post.

You might even remember the local job fairs, which provided the opportunity to meet people in your line of work. Of course these traditional ways of acquiring employment are still proving effective today.

However, the internet has opened up a world of opportunities, as outlined in this article.

Finding Out About Different Jobs

In past times it was quite common to visit specialist careers advisors with the aim of finding out about different kinds of work. You may even have read the hard copies of different trade publications in order to find out which companies were hiring.

Now it is possible to find this information on careers websites. They’ll inform you of the different tasks that you may be expected to perform and the amount of money that you could earn. You might even find blogs chronicling the experience of working for different companies.

Acquiring In-Depth Company Information

Before the arrival of the internet it was necessary to trawl through industry handbooks and phone companies directly to find out about potential vacancies. Now you have the option of visiting the websites of any businesses that you’re interested in working for. You’ll be able to find key names and contact details. Some companies also opt to create detailed profiles, which you can use in the writing of targeted applications.

Compiling Lists of Prospective Jobs

The traditional method of creating prospective job lists involved the regular inspection of local job boards and national newspapers. However, there are now a good number of websites designed to simplify the process.

They allow you to conduct searches depending on location and the titles of any jobs that you are particularly interested in. It is even possible to narrow down the list to jobs that offer a certain salary and are full or part-time.

Creating High Quality CV’s

It is widely recognised that a well-written and highly focussed CV can make the difference between a rejection and an interview invitation. It is therefore very important to spend a good deal of time preparing this document. In previous years you may have relied upon the assistance of trained careers advisors and specialist CV writers.

However you now have the option of using online CV builders, which feature a variety of attractive templates. It is even possible to upload your CV to job websites for perusal by prospective employers.

Social Networking

It is quite likely that there is a chamber of commerce or business networking club in your local area. These types of organisations have traditionally enabled local business people to meet and develop working relationships. They are still used today.

However, there is a sound alternative in the form of networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. There are even networks for people who specialise in areas such as graphic design and website development.

Finding Remote Working Opportunities

There has been a great increase in the number of people working remotely since the emergence of the internet. Websites such as People Per Hour and Elance have been created with the aim of allowing people to identify a variety of online opportunities. No matter whether you’re an expert writer who creates engaging blogs or a talented illustrator who produces eye catching designs, there’s a remote working opportunity to suit.

Using Modern Communications Technology

The internet has facilitated a great change in the ways that people can communicate with potential employers. Individuals who may once have posted speculative letters can save time and money by sending emails. It is also possible to contact business owners via online forums and remote telephony systems such as Skype. And you can ensure that you’re easily contactable by carrying an internet-enabled mobile device at all times.

In Conclusion…

The internet can definitely be counted as a blessing for job seekers. It has made it easier for them to track down local jobs that they’re particularly suited to. People who make the best use of this technology also stand an increased chance of being matched with jobs that haven’t even been advertised. So you should start harnessing the web in your job hunt today!

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