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Job Opportunities For People With A Criminal Record

Are there job opportunities for people with a criminal record? This is one of the most commonly searched questions on the internet, especially by individuals who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated. Regardless of your criminal history, if you are a citizen of the United States of America, you are entitled to the same rights as well as privileges that other citizens with no criminal record enjoy.

Consequently, there are plenty of job opportunities that you can apply for. Moreover, the US Department of Justice states that 30% of the US adult population has a felony record and a further 40% of the US adult working population has a criminal record.
Listed below, are tips and guidelines on how to enhance your prospects of getting employed even though you may have a criminal record:
Tip #1: Prior to anything else, you need to put to sleep:
– The theory that there is no employer who is willing to work with you.
– The shame of being arrested and convicted for a particular felony.
You are less likely to get an employment opportunity if you are the kind of person that feels sorry for themselves over a situation that you cannot change. If you were detained and arraigned for a misdemeanor or serious crime, you need to find a way of getting over the situation so that you can continue with your life. Lastly, you need to be prepared for working for minimum pay if you have a criminal history. Note that, employers regard people with criminal record as high-risk individuals and as such are not willing to pay top salary unless they are certain that they are getting their money’s worth.
Tip #2: Understand the basics
Every employer is more than willing to provide a chance for everybody to interview for a particular position within their company. While interviewing prospective employees regardless of their criminal background, employers are basically searching for people who can help them meet and surpass their targets.
The goal and objective of a prospective employer is to hire an individual who can:
– Help customers to resolve their issues in the shortest time possible.
– Help the organization meet its goals (i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly).
– Help the company to formulate strategies that will enable them weather the competition.
– Help the business to increase its profit margins by leaps and bounds.
– Help the company to not only retain, but grow its consumer base.
– Work with other personnel within the company.
Tip #3: Persuade the employer to provide you with a chance
A common misconception is that the only job opportunities for people with criminal record are military jobs, freelance jobs and restaurant work. However, if you have the experience and expertise you can convince your prospective employer to provide you with an opportunity to prove that persons with criminal records can still do a good job.
Finally, you need to bear in mind that it can take up to six weeks before you can secure a job. In fact, there are people who wait for up to 12 months or even more before they are even considered for a job opportunity. The key is to send your resume alongside a cover letter to several prospective employers.

Christopher J. McCann is a professional Criminal Defense and DUI attorney serving Santa Ana and all cities in Orange County & Los Angeles. For The Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann in Santa Ana, CA. Mr. McCann is technically not a career counceler but has helped his clients remove previous criminal records through the court ordered expungement process. You can follow him on twitter at @CJM_Law_Firm

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