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Advice For Graduates Planning A Career

Planning a career has never been more important than it is now. Career planning can take time off getting that perfect job, can make you all the more employable and is the best possible foundation you can give yourself.

So, what should you consider when planning a career?

Start Now

It’s easy to procrastinate and put things on the long finger and then hope something will just come up. Unfortunately, while things came up a few years ago, they don’t so much nowadays. Decide on the area you want to go into. This is especially important if you have a quite vague degree such as a BA in Arts, or Science degree. Get an idea of where you want to strike and then build from there.


When you decide on what you want to do the next thing to do is to get experience in that chosen field or in something very similar. It can often be hard to even get experience nowadays, so you’ll have to be persistent. Use social media to aid your search and make the most of the chances. Networking is very important here and allows you to meet people who work in your chosen job.

Attend Fairs

Fairs can give you a great insight into jobs, allow you to ask questions and can really allow you to see if a job or career is suitable for you.

Specific Career information sites are also a great way to get insight into a job and what is expected of you. Use sites such as and get a clue of what the line of work you’re interested in is like.


Talk to people who are in the area you hope to get into and ask them about their job and why they like it. Ask them also where some negatives lie and just research it. People often go into things because they like the idea but don’t understand the realities involved in the actual day to day work. Be aware that everything is not as it seems and then decide. Of course, experience in an area usually throws up such eventualities and shows you what to expect. Talk to businesses, contact off line and online recruitment companies and business to discuss prospects and mull over where you are going.

Say Yes to Everything

Take every chance you get and say yes to doing everything. This not only makes you look like a positive person that a business will be happy to employ, but will mean that you can put this new skill or experience on a CV and this makes you more employable.

Don’t be Scared

Don’t fear anything. Sure, you may be asked to do something you never did before, but it’s a chance to excel at it. See everything as an opportunity and be more than willing to do whatever is asked of you. Never be scared to ask a question, after all you’re a newbie and shouldn’t know how to do things like an old hand.

Remember choose a career wisely, but also don’t be afraid to say you made a mistake and do something else. After all a career isn’t necessarily for life; it should be for as long as you enjoy it.

Cormac Reynolds writes a variety of posts on education and has done so for a number of sites. He understands the hardships of graduates from experience.

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