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5 Careers Most People Would Hate

5 Careers Most People Would Hate

Having a career that you truly enjoy and find satisfaction in is a way to find happiness and balance in your work and home life. Although some careers pay well, there are many that most people would potentially hate and do anything to avoid them, regardless of the benefits and the potential salary that can be earned.

Knowing some of the careers that are most hated helps to reflect on your own wants and desires when it comes to improving your own skills and building your career.


Working as a telemarketer is very unappealing to many people, especially as it requires to cold call many potential clients and customers throughout each day, everyday. Calling potential clients to pitch sales may make some individuals uncomfortable, or even unable to properly perform. Telemarketers often deal with customers who hang up, yell or complain about products and services that are being offered on a regular basis. If you are an individual who does not work well with customer service, this career is not recommended for you.


Counselors and therapist positions are not ideal for everyone, especially if you do not want to work as an active listener to a number of patients struggling with a variety of situations in their lives. Being a full-time counselor or therapist not only requires a degree, but plenty of time practicing as an intern before you are capable of running your own practice or working for a full-time salary. Counselors and therapists are required to work as active listeners while carefully analyzing and diagnosis patients to better help them with overcoming everything from a bitter divorce to mental illnesses they may be experiencing.

Stock Trader

Stock traders, although paid well, often work long hours with little to no time off of work to relax. Although stock traders have an appealing salary, they are also experienced with determining analytic data from various stocks to help with gaining insight into project market growth for any type of company. Stock traders are often cutthroat for their positions and work towards making more money than others in the industry, making it a job that many individuals simply hate and want no part in. If you are not competitive when you are working in your career and prefer a more cooperative position, working as a stock trader is not an ideal fit for you.

Used Car Salesman

Used car salesmen have a negative reputation, especially as many used car salesmen simple want to make a sale regardless of the condition of the vehicle that is being purchased. Working as a used car salesman is also challenging, as many salesmen work on commission rather than working for an hourly rate or set salary. Making sales and appealing to potential customers is a responsibility of a used car salesman, making it difficult to earn a full living income if you are unable to find willing buyers.

TV Anchor

Although TV anchors do not write the news stories themselves, anchors and others within the media are often looked up negatively, especially when the news being shared is negative or detrimental to local citizens and individuals around the world. TV anchors are also pressured to keep a certain look to help with appealing to the target demographic or audience the network has in mind.

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