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5 Categories For Employment Based Green Cards

5 Categories For Employment Based Green Cards: Which One Do You Fall Under?

The United States of America prides takes pride in the fact that it is a country built by immigrants. Amongst developed countries, the US continues to have one of the most liberal immigration programmes, especially for those seeking employment in the country.

If you are looking to apply for a green card based on employment status, here are the 5 categories for employment based green cards that you should be aware of.

Priority workers

The US is very much interested in welcoming the best that humanity has to offer. Under the ‘priority workers’ category, applications are usually received from people with extraordinary abilities in various fields, including sports medicine, business, etc. The purpose of this category is to ensure that the US attracts a certain type of immigrant population that can help the country stay ahead in the global race. German scientists fleeing from the atrocities of the Nazis in World War II played a significant role in the industrial and technological development of the United States. It also showed the American government the importance of highly skilled and qualified immigrants, thus raising them to priority status. Most international researchers opt to apply for a green card under this category.

Professionals holding advanced degrees

The whole point of immigration is to bring in individuals who can make a contribution to society. As a result, it is only fair to expect the US to select highly qualified people. The ‘priority workers’ category draws applications only from those who are exceptionally gifted. However, there is a separate category for people who may not be geniuses in some field or the other, yet hold hard-earned advanced degrees that separate them from the masses. Education is highly-valued in the United States and anyone holding advanced degrees gets the opportunity to apply for a green card within a separate quota. People who display exceptional abilities in sports and arts can also be eligible under this category.

Skilled professionals and other workers

America is considered to be the land of opportunity. True to its name, the country often sees the birth of some new industry that catches the market by storm. Usually, in the initial stages, the country may not have enough qualified workers to sustain and grow this industry. In such scenarios, skilled professionals and workers are more than welcome from other countries. A majority of immigrants who qualify for green cards are often skilled professionals working in industries, such as Information Technology, that are deemed essential for the country’s economy and security.

Special immigrant status

The number of people around the world that qualify for a green card under this category is quite small. Hence, this is one of the smallest categories, by percentage, that green cards are handed out to. If you are working or have ever worked for the US Government abroad, such as a US consulate, you can qualify for a green card. Recently, this has come to include individuals who have served as translators for the American armed forces; they may not have been directly hired by the US Government, but nonetheless are recognized for their contribution to preserving American security interests. Religious workers can also apply for green cards under the ‘special immigrants’ category.

Job creators / Investors

When it comes to green cards and employment, you don’t necessarily have to the employee; you could be the employer as well. American Government appreciates immigrants who bring capital into the country with the intention of starting a business and creating jobs for locals. There are a number of factors that have to be taken into consideration, including the total amount of money that can be invested and the number of jobs that will be created.

Applying for a green card under any one of these categories can be a tricky business. Thankfully, there are attorneys and law firms that specialize in helping immigrants find their way through all the legal jargon and paperwork and help them get one step closer to US citizenship.

This article is submitted by Michael Ward. He is law student who takes time out from his busy schedule to write about various laws and policies. He specializes in writing about deferred action.

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