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You – A Professional Speaker? Tips to Become a Professional Speaker

You - A Professional Speaker? Tips to Become a Professional Speaker

There are steps that you need to take to make the leap from attendee and audience member to professional motivational speaker. The best beginning advice is “Don’t quit your day job.”

But, here are some Tips to Become a Professional Speaker:

Professional Speaking: The Steps to Take

Step #1

The first step in becoming a professional speak is to get a mentor. A mentor is someone who is successful at speaking and will guide you through all the pitfalls. A mentor is priceless. When you find the right mentor learn everything you can and don’t hold back with the questions.

If you hire a mentor ensure that they are experienced and have a high level of success. There are many unsuccessful motivational speakers who can give you advice, but the advice they give you will be all about ineptitude and misfortune.

When you have a mentor you will be able to work through the disappointment and confusion that comes with becoming a professional speaker. You may find that your mentor will be the difference in getting hired or being overlooked.

Step #2

As stated in the beginning, don’t quit your day job or let go of your business. You can make good money as a professional or motivational speaker, but it does not happen quickly. You have to work at it, experience it and go through the pitfalls.

Professional speaking is an industry built on marketing, reputation and branding. There are only 10 percent of motivational speakers that make awesome sums of money. Building a professional speaking business takes time and this can be from two to five years or even more.

Most speaking engagements are booked many months in advance. If you don’t have any speaking engagements booked right now, you may want to keep working at your regular job and take this time to learn.

Marketing is the key; sell yourself is the lock. Sacrifice and hard work are the doorways.

Step #3

Find a niche for both your expertise and your speeches. If you have a distinct niche you will be ahead of the game. Speak about what you love the best. Make it something that others express an interest in knowing.

Step #4

You are a product and as such you need to develop branding and marketing campaigns. Create a brochure or promotion package and mail it out to event planners. This is interruption marketing and can be affective.

Use your networking skills. Learn how to use social media platforms and internet marketing strategies. Try doing breakout sessions and continuing education classes. Sell yourself at conventions, book stores, and libraries. Perhaps you could hand out motivation books or a published article’s. Drive listeners to your awesome website.

Step #5

Your selling skills need to come into play. You will need to sell yourself and your program and let event planners know what you can do. Be a speaker who is energetic, experienced and authoritative.

Contact event planners or decision makers and sell them on the value of you and what you can do. Make sure you are professional and confident.

The Speaking Lifestyle…

Enjoy the freedom, reputation and wealth of motivation speakers. Be adept at your craft and know your subject. Have a good business mind and great marketing skills. You are selling yourself, so sell the best product you know. Join groups that can give you recognition. Make sure you look at the Chamber of Commerce, any networking groups in your area and volunteer to non-profits to speak at their kickoffs and conventions.

Practice, have patience and work at your craft. Give it time and you may become a motivation speaker with a great reputation and an awesome bank account.

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Warren Campbell writes for Celebrity Speakers who have a huge amount of leading speakers in a very wide range of markets and subjects.

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