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4 Professions That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

How many of us actually follow our dreams and take up professions that interest us? And then at some point we have to deal with this feeling of being stuck in a profession that probably pays well, but still gives no work satisfaction. Many of us are born with an innate talent in the fields of music, art, writing, dancing, sports etc. Also, there are always interests such as photography, gaming, animals, history, traveling and many more.

However, when the time comes to enter into a profession, we tend to shun our talents and interests in order to pursue a real job or a job that is “sensible”.  Peer pressure, parental pressure, money, or simply trying be trendy by doing a job that “seems” good and reputable – whatever be the reason for this, it is a wrong perception that good money and respect can’t be earned by creative professions.

Here are a few such jobs that can easily boast creativity, money, interest and happiness.


4 Professions That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

If you’ve always liked cooking and experimenting with different kinds of ingredients, dishes and cuisines, you might want to consider getting trained as a chef. Apart from profession, it’s more of a passion towards cooking and possessing uniqueness and creativity with flavors, food preparations, creating recipes, and presentation. It is a talent to be able to treat food as art and be able to create something out of it that will satisfy your taste buds and leave your customers wanting more.

Wedding Photography

For most of us, weddings happen only once and so all those special moments like exchanging of vows, the wedding dance, the ring ceremony etc. also happen only once. Imagine having the honor to capture all these wonderful memories for couples to cherish for the rest of their life. Such is the job of a wedding photographer – to highlight the beauty and romance associated with weddings. So if you’re a professional photographer or have the necessary skill, passion, talent and expertise, this would be a great way to fill your heart as well as your pocket!

Video Game Designer

4 Professions That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Are you crazy about video games? Become a video game designer and live your dream! Video game designing basically involves imagining, designing, developing concepts and creating video games. You get to showcase your passion and creativity in coming up with unique and futuristic game concepts and ideas.


Are you passionate about journalism and current affairs? Do you posses a flair for photography? If yes, photojournalism is the perfect profession for you. Photojournalism will give you an exciting opportunity to travel frequently and cover news stories and present them in the form of dynamic and shocking photographs. This profession can be challenging at times since you might be required to take some dangerous and challenging shots. So if you’re up for some adventure and, at the same time some serious journalism, photojournalism could very well be your dream job.

This was just to mention a few from hundreds of such professions that will not only keep your creativity and interest alive, but will also give you the personal satisfaction of doing a job that you will wholeheartedly enjoy.

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Shelly Cristo is a professional photographer. She is the member of a popular group of Brisbane photographers. Trekking is one of her hobbies.

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