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Google Thyself-Why Your Personal Brand Matters

Google Thyself-Why Your Personal Brand Matters

Knowing what’s being said about you, both personally and professionally, is very important. Nobody wants negative information being spread about him or her, which is why most of us have used Google to perform a search on ourselves at least once.

Although the concept may seem strange, using Google to search what information is being shared about your personal and professional brand is very important, and here’s why.

Learn what others are saying about you.

The Internet is a vast place, and it allows anyone to share their own thoughts and feelings on any topic they choose. Some people use the Internet to talk about their experiences with people and companies, and it’s possible that someone has used the Internet to write about you. By searching yourself, you may find that an ex-lover created a website or a blog about you, or you may find that the criminal record you thought was expunged can be found online, and this could not only be embarrassing, but it could also damage your chances at landing a job or getting into school.

Many companies and universities are using the power of Google to search their applicants before making a major decision as to whether or not they’re hired or accepted. By searching yourself first, you can take the steps to either try to have the information removed, or you can try to create a response to the situation if an employer or school brings it up.

If you own a small business, searching yourself can also help you realize what your customers are saying about you. The Internet doesn’t stop at your company’s own website, social network or online review site, and your customers may have used their own blog or social network to talk about an unpleasant experience with your company. By performing a search, you can find any good and bad information about your brand, and you can then take the necessary steps to alleviate the situation. If you find an unhappy customer, reach out to them and try to fix the situation. They may then remove the negative comment, or they may write another post that talks about how great your company is.

Look for trolls.

The Internet is also filled with trolls that use public forums such as your personal blog or social network sites to try and provoke emotional responses from your readers and get them off topic. These posts can be related to anything. For example, a troll may use your post about the fiscal cliff to start a rant about how President Obama is not American, or a troll may use your post on spring fashions to start a conversation about how Kim Kardashian’s baby isn’t Kanye’s. By searching yourself, you can find trolls on your blog, website or social network, and you can remove these comments from your thread. This way, you can keep all of your personal and professional sites free from the deception of trolls and allow your readers or customers to have a place to share their opinions and expertise on the true topic.

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