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Finding the Right Person for the Job

Finding the Right Person for the Job

It can be difficult to find the right person for your company, and even more difficult to attempt to organize the amount of applications received, however, sometimes the more applications, the better. Thankfully there are many tools and resources to help find the perfect person for your company’s job opening, such as posting to online job boards, receiving a recommendation from an internal employees, or contacting an executive recruiting firm to aid in your search, leaving you with only the most qualified candidates to choose from.

Online Job Boards
Posting an opening on an online job board can be the quickest and easiest way to get the most prospective candidates for the job.  As the internet has become more and more a part of everyday life, so too has it become an essential tool for finding a job; these high traffic websites means that posting the job on these sites can guarantee your opening will get quite a few responses.  In order to limit the amount of responses that may not be from qualified candidates, make sure your postings are very detailed, especially when it comes to required skills and experience.  Expressing the exact level of experience you are looking for in this position can help you save time in weeding through resumes that do not measure up.

Finding the Right Person for the Job

Internal Recommendations
Your current workforce can also be an untapped resource in your search for a candidate.  As contacts are a part of doing business, there should be at least a handful of people in your company that knows someone that could be interested in a position.  Whether it is someone that is looking for a change of scenery, or a person that is looking to move up but cannot do so in their current company, it would be a good idea to feel out your employees.  Some companies offer incentive programs for recommending a candidate that becomes the perfect person for the job.

Recruiting Firms
Recruiting firms are another great tool to find your next employee.  These companies are designed to do the legwork for you in order to put you in touch with the best person for the job.  These can really be an asset when it comes to executive recruiting.  Rather than posting an opening on a job board for an executive position and receiving countless responses from people without the necessary experience, these firms will come to you with candidates that are deemed vetted for the position, based on your own criteria.

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