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How to Make Recruiting a New Employee Easier

How to Make Recruiting a New Employee Easier

In the current business climate, it can be difficult for companies with staff openings to attract and choose the best staff for the role. Though businesses undoubtedly benefit from having an extraordinarily wide pool of talent to choose from given the present increased level of unemployment, they are also faced with a daunting task.

It is this greater choice which can make effective recruitment all the more challenging. Here are some tips which will help you to organize the smoothest, quickest selection process possible.

Make Use of the Internet

The internet is a great resource for employers. Online job boards are quickly rendering newspaper advertising pointless – posting your ad online will mean that it is seen by many more candidates at a far lower cost. When writing your advert, make sure that it is clear and concise, featuring an accurate description of the role and the duties that the successful applicant will be expected to perform. Bear in mind also that most candidates will come across your post as a result of a search, either on Google or via the search box built into the job site itself. For this reason, it is crucial that you inject suitable keywords into the advert.

If your business is looking to employ a software engineer, it would be wise to list relevant programming languages, for example Java, in the body of your advert. This would mean that a candidate who performs a search using the term “Java developer” is more likely to see your post. It is also wise to find some smaller, niche job boards in order to attract the right candidates. Though they may lack the raw user numbers of the big websites, you know that your advert is being targeted to suitable job seekers.

Get Help From a Recruitment Agency

If you’re too busy to spare the considerable amount of time required to manage the recruitment process, it might be a good idea to contact a dedicated agency to do it for you. Flat fee recruitment services make it easy to control costs, allowing you to focus on filtering through the list of candidates who have been attracted by the adverts put out by the agency. Agencies might also provide more personal services, such as speaking to potential candidates before passing them onto you or providing you with tips on your interviewing technique.

Standardize Your Interview Questions

When trying to decide between shortlisted candidates, it is of great importance that you can easily compare their respective skills, experience and personalities. Make this task simpler by asking all candidates exactly the same open questions, allowing them to explain why they are the right person for the role. Candidates who give similar answers may then be invited back for a second interview, so that you can compare them more closely.

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