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Top 30 Online Resume Services (Resources)

Looking for work isn’t something you want to become an independent expert in. So it makes sense to employ the services of people who do this for a living. So we’ve compiled this list of the top 30 online resume services and resources dedicated to bringing you a better resume.

Some are free. Some are inexpensive. Some will set you back a few hundred dollars. But if any of them have the chance to get you the job you’ve been looking for, they’re all worth a closer look. Outside of our preferred site for resume help, here are 30 other resources for you to consider:

1. CareerPerfect : An industry leader in resume writing that boasts a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate and a guaranteed ability to make an impression in 10 seconds.

2. ResumesGuaranteed : It’s tough to beat a resume service that guarantees to get you hired in 60 days or less. If they don’t, they’ll refund your money and kick in an extra $50. They’ll churn out a powerful resume in 1-2 days.

3. ResumeWriters : A top-flight resume writing service featuring writers who work directly with you to create a professional, effective resume—with a money-back guarantee you’ll land interviews.

4. ResumeProWriters : For a company claiming to be the largest provider of resume writing services, they offer a decent price for a basic resume: $125. They keep your resume professional and attractive without sacrificing facts or clarity.

5. LinkedIn : If you want to peruse sample resumes—real ones—why not consult your connections (and their networks) at LinkedIn, the social network designed to work professionally. You can sift through people in your industry to see what’s working for them. Apply the best of the best to your resume and your profile.

6. CareerPlusResumes : CareersPlus Resumes offers writing and editing services with 90 days of unlimited revisions—perfect for customizing your resume to a variety of job openings.

7. 1-On-1 Resumes : One of the only resume-writing services with an offer below the $90 mark—and that’s for all types of resumes, not just a ‘starting at’ price.

8. WebTechResume : A professional resume writing service with a $67 offer that includes a free thank you letter, a month of unlimited revisions, a free interview-skills ebook, and delivery within 24 hours.

9. PongoResume : Full-service resume and cover letter builder with tips for interviewing and publishing/distribution help to get your name out there fast.

10. AspirationsResume : Among the more affordable options for resume writing, they also offer free evaluations and a variety of specialized approaches. For a fee, they’ll post your resume to job-posting sites and/or recruiters in your field.

11. Employment911 : Employment 911 combines resume writing services with job listing, and they add a 100% guarantee for landing an interview. Their biggest focus, as the name implies, is acting fast—they can get your resume finished and circulating in a matter of hours.

12. FreeResumeTest : FreeResumeTest takes your resume, evaluates its effectiveness, and then helps you create a new one with the power to start you on your way to getting hired.

13. Career/Resume Advice On Monster : The folks at know a thing or two about landing jobs. They give lots of free advice as well as hired services to take the job search to the next level.

14. Career Resources on CareerBuilder : CareerBuilder’s selection of resources and advice is pretty thorough, stacked with helpful articles and promising leads.

15. CC CareerServices : Formerly, CC Career Services offer high-powered resume writing that is so focused on the main goal of getting you hired, they include a free 30-minute coaching session on salary negotiation.

16. ResumePark : An excellent resource that blasts your resume across many social networks (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace) to maximize your existing networks and expedite your job search.

17. RockPortInstitute : How to write a masterpiece of a resume—an award-winning, comprehensive guide to doing it yourself with the results of a pro.

18. TotalResume : Need a resume right now? Rushing it doesn’t have to be a headache or a disaster. TotalResume can bring the results you want in minutes.

19. WriteClickResume : An excellent self-help resume builder with loads of free options that guide you through the process in an easy to navigate environment.

20. QuestCareer : Quest Career Services has a powerful arsenal of free advice and paid services, including help from a licensed Life Coach.

21. CareerStrides : With CareerStrides you begin by emailing your current resume and then choosing from a highly detailed array of specialized niches.

22. MyResumeOnline : Post your resume online at a conveniently concise URL.

23. ResumeEdge : From the cheaper build-your-own model to the more pricey writing services, Resume Edge covers a wide variety of options.

24. FreeResumeTips : This helpful list of 10 bullet-proof tips will help convert resume yawners into attention-getters.

25. CareerMaze : Another service that will help you know where to send that well written resume, guiding your choice of career or specialization within a larger field. CareerMaze helps people get out of the rat race and into job fulfillment.

26. BuildaResumeToday : A short and sweet resume builder that also includes resume webpage creation. Ideal for someone without a lot of time and/or money on their hands who needs help quick.

27. ResumeImproved : A step-by-step resume building guide with resume hosting and plenty of helpful advice and spell-checking all along the way. A solid low- or no-cost option.

28. ResumeBoutique : Their resume services are dedicated specifically to students and professionals with a special niche focus for legal professionals. If you fall into those categories, there’s none better.

29. GrandResume : A full-service resume writing enterprise with many specialized services including translation for applying for work in a foreign country.

30. ResumeTemplates : Not your standard assortment of templates. Resume Templates offers a resume writing package with over 250 sample resumes, 20 templates, a writing guide, and more—not a bad investment for ten bucks.

31. TheResumeBuilder : A quick and simple resume builder with over 40 templates integrated into a job listing/recruiter site. Have your own sample resume written and submitted in moments.

32. ResumeBear : Create and upload your resume and track in real time when an employer checks your resume using this service.

Who did we miss? Feel free to share online resume services that you would like us to include in this list and we’ll keep updating it as we go.

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