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International Marketing: How Online Education has Impacted Marketers in the United States and Abroad

International Marketing: How Online Education has Impacted Marketers in the United States and Abroad

International marketers have a unique challenge of overcoming cultural, linguistics and economic concerns when marketing to other countries. This post will discuss how an online education can help international marketers better understand the needs of their foreign clients and perform better.

With an increasingly connected world, consumers have access to a variety of products from international manufacturers. New markets have emerged, attracting both large and small businesses. As a marketer, access to a large international market is certainly attractive, but it’s also loaded with challenges including cultural, linguistic, and economic concerns. Many marketers in the United States and abroad prepare themselves for these challenges with an online education.

International Marketing Challenges
Traditional marketers are trained in the art of communicating a product’s or service’s features and benefits to a targeted demographic using a variety of media choices. While these skills are essential in international marketing, they’re just the beginning.

Numerous obstacles must be overcome. For example:
• International marketers may have to change their messages and branding based on cultural or political preferences
• Consumers may have different problems to solve or product expectations
• Ethics and values may be different
• Media choices may be limited
• Language differences could be significant, even within one country
• Literacy rates may be lower than expected
• The product or service may be priced beyond the market’s means
• Treaties, trade agreements, and export controls may affect your ability to launch or market a product internationally

How an Online Education Helps Marketers Overcome Challenges
Marketers tasked with international marketing have two choices: wing it or prepare. One of the best ways to understand the needs of international clients is by enrolling in courses focused specifically on international marketing. Many marketers have enrolled in online international marketing degree programs while others have opted for individual classes or certificate programs. In either case, learning about international relations, cultural differences, languages, political challenges, and international marketing helps marketers gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors in markets around the world.

Even senior executives have seen the value of an online education focused on international marketing. For example, the president of NYK Line, North America, Bill Payne (LINK: Bill Payne interview found here: ), was recently featured in his alma mater’s magazine, answering questions about his graduation from an online international marketing management degree program. Payne said that he felt out of his element as the senior vice president of marketing responsible for supervising employees with master’s and law degrees. He also noted that he is more motivated than ever and that “the delivery of the education is how business is done today.”

An online education focused on international marketing exposes students to regions and cultures around the world. More importantly, it equips students with the insight, knowledge, skills, and resources need to enter international markets. Using the strategies and competencies mastered in online classes, marketers can critically analyze international markets and consumer behaviors and then create an effective marketing plan.

What Can a Degree in International Marketing Do for You?
Many marketing students and traditional marketers located in the United States and abroad have benefited from the knowledge and strategies learned through an online degree program. An online education focused on international marketing, international business, or international relations can lead to a variety of careers including domestic work with foreign clients or employment opportunities overseas.

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