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How Alma Maters Can Help Students Secure Employment Even After Graduation

How Alma Maters Can Help Students Secure Employment Even After Graduation

Graduating college seems like turning the final page in the last chapter of student life. However, many graduates are surprised at how large of a role their alma maters play in helping them find a job even after graduation.

In a job market that’s not always welcoming to recent grads, institutions of higher learning can be life-changing tools for ensuring a smoother transition into the professional world. To discover some of the resources that many alma maters offer to their graduates, consider the following top four most beneficial services.

1. Join an Alumni Association
Students who have earned their bachelor’s degrees can still stick together through alumni associations available through their former institutions. Most colleges and universities have several local chapters of such associations for graduates, while current students can visit the alumni center on campus to participate in similar organizations. Joining a group like this is a great way to network with other alumni and build up the experience section of a resume by attending events and volunteering with these groups. Building a strong network can make the job hunt significantly easier, since this network often multiplies job leads and other opportunities.

2. Participate in On-Campus Recruiting Programs
Instead of sending out several resumes and making multiple phone calls per day, get it all over with in one fell swoop by taking advantage of the on-campus recruiting programs offered by many universities. Hiring managers from all over the world are looking for the best candidates for the job at colleges all over the country, and are willing to travel to find the right person. Be prepared and always make time to show up at these events to increase the chance of networking with professionals in the industry and potentially landing a great job.

3. Take Advantage of Educational Opportunities
The more education an applicant has, the more likely she is to catch the attention of hiring managers. More and more students are attending college today, which is why applicants have to set themselves apart in the education department by obtaining even higher degrees and a wider variety of courses taken and training achieved. A student’s alma mater is a great place to begin extending education by taking additional classes, and even working toward an additional degree. Many colleges even offer online alternatives, which make it easier for busy graduates to juggle continuing education with the job hunt.

4. Create a Resume That Stands Out
Some job seekers may not be getting the results they’d like from their searches simply because their resumes aren’t top notch. This could be attributed to the content within as well as the aesthetic appeal of the document. In the job hunt, it pays to have a resume that features a modern, attractive format up to the standards of hiring managers today.

The content should also reflect a high level of professionalism, experience and expertise for the position available. Universities often have career services centers devoted to helping students create excellent resumes that will get them noticed.

Although heading back to their alma maters is not what most students expected to do after graduation, it’s often one of the most useful resources available to help graduates land the employment for which their education prepared them. By following the actions listed above, students can enjoy a more successful job hunt that takes school spirit to the next level.

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