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How to Shine in Job Interviews

How to Shine in Job Interviews

Going to a job interview is one of the most frightening experiences that many people go through. It’s right up there with going on dates, except with dating there isn’t the feeling of authority you have at interviews and your career doesn’t rest on the outcome; so here is how to shine in job interviews.

Unfortunately these nerves don’t help you either, and they ironically make the thing you were scared of even more difficult. Here we will look at how to stay calm, and how to sell yourself in such a way that you are more likely to ace it.

Staying Calm

First of all your priority is to stay calm. Don’t let the temptation of Dutch courage cross your mind. Speaking from experience I can say that that will not work. Better then is to use a number of psychological techniques in order to calm yourself down. Positive affirmations as used in cognitive behavioural therapy can be helpful here, but you are likely to find that this doesn’t work quite quickly enough. Meanwhile breathing techniques can help to calm your heart rate and pulse, but again it can be all too easy to fall back into a nervous state unless you’ve trained in these techniques for a long time.

One thing to try then which can work, is to stop trying to stop your nerves and instead try to embrace them. Rather than trying to become calm try to become psyched – and you can achieve this by listening to motivational music or music with a good beat and riffs. This way you will suddenly feel more ‘epic’ and you’ll be much less nervous going into the interview.

Another thing to remember going in is this: while the interview is to ensure that they like you and you can do their job, it’s also there to ensure that you like them. This is a two way thing and at this point they are not your boss. This is as much on them as it is on you.

Research Think About What You Can Offer

Meanwhile what’s also important is that you spend time fully researching this company and making sure that you actually understand what it is they do. Learning facts regarding things like the state of their finances is great, but much more important is that you really ‘get’ how the company operates and if possible how they operate on every level.

This is not only crucial to ensure that they understand everything they say to you, but it’s also important so that you can offer them the best services and know what will appeal to them. Make sure that you think about how you can help their business to thrive and what you can offer them that no one else can. If they’re hiring you to handle their marketing, then come in with some ideas of how you would market their business – by launching competitions etc. If you’re doing their website then tell them how they could make more money by having AdSense, or how they should have a forum.


But most of all make sure you come across as friendly and normal. Don’t try to act up or be someone you’re not – if you do that they it’s false advertising and you won’t be happy when you start there. Instead make sure that you are chatty and honest and most of all friendly – remember they will have to work with you so they’re going to want to choose someone likeable.


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