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How to show up your best at the job interview

How to show up your best at the job interview

Let’s face it, it’s getting harder to get work in the current economic climate and not so many new graduates are having the best days of their lives out there, apparently. However, a closer look at this situation portrays a totally different dimension.

The general slow economy may not entirely be the one to blame for this predicament, if the sentiments from some of the leading recruiters, talent experts and HR officers are anything to go by. Many job candidates just don’t show their best during job interviews. And this coupled with the employer’s desire to hire phenomenon talent, often leaves a lot to be desired. So, how do you show up your best at the interview? Well, this article gives you five tips to make sure you show your best up for the interview as the phenomenon candidate.

Indicate you cut the mark

Like you, there are so many people who are interviewing for that positions and some of them are really good, you can count on it. You need to show the interviewers you are the perfect fit for the job by showing a track record of great achievement, focus and hard work. Whereas some jobs require candidates who make a certain grade or threshold as far as school grades are concerned, these are what they are looking for-a history of working hard and that’s what you need to portray. With the help of an online resume writing, doing this shouldn’t be far-fetched.

Have a story

This does not mean you shower some sad story of your life. Talk about your passions- scenarios where you excelled or failed in a way that shows you take responsibility and determination. By looking to a story that shows your humility; you stand a high chance of winning over the interviewers-showing what most candidates hide. If done right, telling the story of your life, the relevant ones-can get you hired.

Initiate and take charge or simply-step up

Employers are actively looking for candidates who are not only capable of getting the job done, but who can also take responsibility for failures and successes, in equal measure. In the ideal world, you have to be able to take responsibility for your actions whatever they are and be ready to adapt, accept and move on with the punishments and rewards that come off it. This is one trait most new interviewees don’t show and it’s costing them a lot. You better have it.

Display maturity

Let’s face it, no one wants to be associated with someone who is a perennial whiner or entirely clueless about even the most obvious of facts. Most interviewers have expressed dissatisfaction at many candidates who show up for an interview, yet lack the vaguest clue about what the company does, target market, or worse still, office location!

Even to the average person in the street, this would be disgusting. If one shows up like that for an interview; the door will be shut right in their face as they came in! To make an impression on the interviewers, act and present yourself as a mature individual; one who is able to analyze, investigate and study scenarios- business models and you have the job. It’s that simple, or so is it.

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