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The 5 Hottest IT Jobs

The 5 Hottest IT Jobs

In this job market, finding a career in Information Technology is a smart choice. IT professionals are in higher demand now than ever before. With computers becoming a larger and larger part of everyday life, more IT professionals must be hired to develop this technology. For those hoping to find IT jobs, options are out there. The five following careers in particular are good options for a person looking to find IT jobs that are in high demand.

Without further ado, here are The 5 Hottest IT Jobs:

#1 – Software Developer

As technology changes, new and updated software is needed to solve the problems of computer users. Software developers are the people who are hired to assess the needs of the consumers and create that new software. A software developer can choose to develop applications software or systems software. The average software developer makes $54,360 to $87,790 every year.

#2 – Database Administrator

A database administrator should have an easier time finding a job than the average job-seeker, because database administrators are employed in nearly every field in the job market. This year, the job growth for database administrators is projected to be above average. Database administrators assess the needs of their clients, create database software that will fulfill those needs, and manage and update that software regularly. Database administrators make an average of $41,570 to $115,660 per year.

#3 – Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for creating nearly every site available on the Internet. Since the Internet is expanding more and more every day, new web developers are being hired to help with that process. A web developer aims to design a website that will suit the needs of those who will use it. The average salary of a web developer is $43,190 to $119,940 annually.

#4 – Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst is a person who has the job of finding new ways for computers to work with one another. Companies are advised on the types of computers and software they should buy by computer systems analysts, who then create networks to connect those computers. The goal of a computer systems analyst is to make sure that their company’s computer systems are running efficiently and fulfilling the needs of that company. Computer systems analysts average an annual salary of $48,360 to $119, 070.

#5 – Computer Programmer

Computer programmers have the task of converting the designs of software developers into instructions that computers can understand. A computer programmer can also maintain and update existing software. Getting into the field of computer programming could take less time than most IT jobs, because a computer programming degree can be earned in just two years. Computer programmers make an average of $40,820 to $114,180 per year.

Finding a job can be hard work. To save time and get hired faster, finding an IT staffing agency area could be a good option. Staffing agencies are there to help job-seekers get in contact with those who would hire them. For those in the looking for a stable career, one of these IT jobs could be the right fit.

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