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How To Help Your Child Find Their First Job

It’s important to get your child off on the right foot when the time comes for them to enter the workforce. They will be uncertain about where to begin and your experience will prove beneficial. It’s important here to guide, not instruct. Here are a few ways to help you child find their first job.
1. Hire Them
It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to getting your child that first job. Bring your child in as part of any Summer help your business needs. Although it’s mandatory that you don’t coddle them or give them special favors, you can still make their first work experience a safe one as they gain confidence in the workforce.

2. Hidden Talents
Confucius said: “Choose an occupation you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life.”
And if there is better advice for finding a job, I’ve never heard it. You know your child, probably better than they know themselves. You know their strengths, their weakness. What they are naturally good at and what they struggle with. Keep your eyes and ears open for occupations that are perfectly suited to your child. If their first work experience is a nightmare, it’ll be an uphill battle in the years to come. Conversely, working a job they are eager to get to fosters a positive attitude which will serve them well in the future.

3. Tricks Of The Trade
As this will be your child’s first job, they are going to need to learn the proper way to prepare a resume and how to handle themselves in an interview. Here’s where you life experience comes in. Help and guide them through this process. The work you put in here will pay dividends down the road.

4. Dot Those I’s
There’s no point in taking the time to show your child how to ace an interview if they don’t even have a social security number or bank account in which to deposit future pay checks. Set your child up with these things first, explaining to them why they need them and how they will be used. And, while we’re at it, make sure you and your child use every resource at your disposal. School hiring programs need to be look at. And let’s now forget the internet, which can be an invaluable source.

5. Start Your Shopping Early
It’s going to be hard to find jobs that aren’t there, which is why it’s important that you encourage your child to start their job search early. March is probably a good time with regards to Summer work as available positions fill quickly when the days get longer. Delaying will lead to your child taking some nightmare position every other student passed on months ago or else being left out in the cold while the weather’s hot. Getting a good head start on the competition will land your child a job they’ll be happy to do.

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