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Making and Keeping Promises to Yourself

Making and Keeping Promises to Yourself

Have you noticed that people usually consider themselves the least important individual with whom to honor a promise? Most people will be thoughtful and considerate regarding promises made to others, especially friends, yet they will not hesitate for a second to abandon a promise made to themselves.

What are the consequences of this? Quite profound actually. The ability to care enough about yourself so you take your promises to yourself seriously, is the foundation of self trust. A person who will routinely abandon themselves, will usually have little trust in themselves. They may not notice this or think it is important but it is. Usually, lack of self trust operates unconsciously but limits virtually every dimension of your life.

Self trust determines how much you are able to trust others and whether they can trust you. This in turn determines the quality and depth of ALL your relationships. In today’s world, it is your relationships, both the quantity and quality, that is your greatest asset.

Believe it or not, your capacity for building meaningful relationships determines your future income potential even more than academic degrees or skills in your targeted field. If this is shocking to you, great! It is time to wake up to the reality of the 21st century.

Job Search
How does this relate to a job search? You may already know that your network is important but have you stopped to look closely at the level of support and empowerment available to you? Superficial connections might be of value for a lead here or there but it is the relationships of depth and substance, the committed partnerships, that ultimately matter the most. These require trust, integrity, reliability and consistency.

Business Development
In business, it is the same. You are less likely to get referrals from someone who barely knows you and… as you cultivate stronger connections with greater trust, your referral network expands enormously. I’ve developed an awesome tool for expanding referrals easily and effortlessly and I routinely give away the technique to anyone serious about their own growth.

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How Do You Build Self Trust?
So how do you build self trust and learn how to make and keep promises to yourself? The first step is to shift from a fear based, authority driven belief system to a supportive, empowerment based belief system.

Your Existing Cost Factor
If you are thinking right now that you cannot afford coaching, consider that you are already paying a very steep price as a result of NOT having this ability in your life. You are likely oblivious to this cost but once you see it clearly, it will shock you!

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