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Happiness is a Job You Love

Are you tired of being a lowly paper-pusher? Sick of being stuck as a cubicle monkey? Feel the urge to run screaming for the hills every time you have to fold another sweater at the Gap? If you are feeling unfulfilled with your job, then congratulations, you are officially among the millions of Americans who spends one third of every day doing something they hate. The real question is…why?

Well, you need the money, right? We all have bills to pay. But you can make money at any job so why stay at one you hate? The economy is bad, so if you quit now, you might not be able to find another job.

Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality that may cause you to stick with employment you might otherwise have left six months ago. So what can you do to find a job that gives you a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and enjoyment?

First of all, and this may be the toughest step, you have to be willing to take less money. You may not necessarily have to, but chances are good that finding a job you love could signal a significant drop in compensation. For example, working in a flower store, while low-stress and pleasing to the nose, will not pay nearly what you would make as an executive personal assistant. However, you get the satisfaction of creating something beautiful, watching people make each other happy, and best of all, you leave your work at the door. No midnight phone calls from your drunk boss asking if you can book two tickets to Jamaica for him and his special lady friend…the next day!

Happiness is a Job You LoveThe next thing to do is figure out what constitutes your perfect job. Think about the most wonderful job you could possibly have, then scale it back a bit (dreams are nice, but let’s stay grounded in reality here…we can’t all be Spielberg). What kind of hours do you want to work? Would you rather work with the public, several co-workers, or by yourself? Do you prefer to work from home? Are health benefits a deal-breaker? These are all questions you should consider before you put in your two weeks notice. Once you have found something suitable, plan out what you will need to do to get there. This may include schooling, relocating, or getting a small business loan. Whatever the case, creating a plan will help you stay on schedule and follow through.

The truth is, humans just weren’t meant to stay cooped up in temperature controlled, fluorescent lit, maze-like cubicles every waking hour. But because we fear the unknown, that is exactly where we get stuck. I say, be bold! Go for the job you want, no matter how far-fetched, and don’t quit after the first rejection. You’ll be happy you did!

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