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Misconceptions about Social Media and Personal Branding

Whenever I recommend someone start a blog the first response I get is: ‘I don’t have anything to write about.’ I also get a similar reaction when it comes to using other forms of social media: I have nothing to tweet about/I don’t get Twitter; I only use Facebook for friends/I don’t use Facebook that much; what is LinkedIn?

Learning about the technical aspect of social media tools is easy; each major website features a handy ‘how-to.’ However, when it comes to using social media strategically to build a reputation for yourself, a big reason for reluctance is that there are many misconceptions about social media and personal branding:

hireme10What do all of these misconceptions have in common? You are thinking too much about yourself. This is understandable given that the issue is personal branding. However, when it comes to social media, the emphasis is social—there are other people to consider. So instead of asking ‘how can I look better?’ ask ‘how can I help other people?’

You want to build a reputation as a thought leader but remember that doing so is not a solo act. When using social media, you’ll be building on ideas and connecting with new people who can challenge and enhance your own thinking. By focusing on community and harnessing your unique interests, personal branding not only comes naturally but can expose you to different people and opportunities. —————-

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