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How to Create Video Job Postings

How to Create Video Job Postings

After my post on this last year, an awesome guy I know from Twitter, ended up reaching out and chatting with me for a bit. He sent me a bunch of links to some companies that are currently using video as part of their recruiting process.

The one thing I noticed with all the videos I’ve seen is that they’re almost all from a broad, company overview perspective.

What I’d love to see are videos that dig deeper. An interview with the hiring manager. An introduction to the team. A day-in-the-life with someone who currently has that job title.

There are apparently a handful of companies that put together videos like this for organizations. But there’s no reason you can’t do this yourself!

The Technology

Creating videos like this is actually pretty damn easy! Here’s what you need:

What Now?

Great question! Go out and interview your hiring manager. Have her explain the job… in plain english.

Chat with the team members that whoever fills this role will be working with. Have them talk about the organization, the team, and the work they do. What do they love? What should someone coming into the team expect?

These videos are only limited by your creativity.

Once you’ve captured all of your video, get it on your computer, and start editing it using Windows Movie Maker.

I know what you’re thinking: Chris, I’m not a director. I don’t know how to put together a good video. You’re right. And chances are your first video will only be sorta OK.

Know how people get good at making videos? They make videos! Practice makes perfect, so keep at it.

Your video should be five minutes long max. Go shorter if you can. Once you’ve edited your video into something you’re happy with, upload it to your YouTube account.

Now go share it with the world. Post it on Twitter. Share it on your employer branding blog. Embed it in your job postings on the job boards and your company career site.

Do this and you’ll be part of the cutting edge of social media recruiting.

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