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Some Common Gripes of Employers and Job Seekers – Answered!

Some common gripes of employers and job seekers – answered

Employees and job seekers often have similar concerns, but from opposite sides of the relationship. It can be a good exercise to look at the concerns and gripes that each have to see what a good resolve might be.

Check out these common gripes of employers and job seekers and see how you might react or resolve the situation.

They Yelled at Me for Reading a Magazine: I am sure there are some jobs that are so boring and mundane that one could read on the job and still not have their work suffer too much. No, wait a minute. Actually, I can’t think of a single job where that is the case. Just because you haven’t been told what to do, that doesn’t mean you have the option of doing whatever you want at work.

Ask for more work from those around you, or go looking for extra work. I am sure the extra work is out there. Go clean something if that’s all you can fi nd. Chances are pretty good that if you ask for more work from enough people, you can fi nd something extra to do and feel more productive and helpful. More than likely, you are being just lazy.

I Want To Quit After Only a Year, Is That OK? Years ago that was true. If a candidate jumped around from job to job, it was certainly something to look at more closely. The thinking was that the candidate had some recurring issue or just was an unhappy sort of employee. This has changed over the past few years. Now, the entire work force is temporary in that jobs change so frequently that it is not unusual for a workforce to turn more frequently than historical averages.

What is more important is for you to have a heart to heart discussion with yourself to keep your current job and your attitude about it in perspective. Keep in mind your current company has probably made an investment in you and your training. You might be hitting your stride, becoming a more productive part of the workforce for your employer – it’s almost unfair for you to leave after you have taken advantage of some training and development.

What is apparently a good career move might actually be a step backward or down. So it is not judged the same way as it used to be, but one cannot tell too much about a job even after one year. Give it some time, work a bit harder and smarter, see if something else at the employer might be more to your liking and, of course, you can always talk to your manager or supervisor about your feelings.

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