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Who is Your Real Boss? We all have bosses.

Who is Your Real Boss? We all have bosses.

Most of us have bosses who are formally ‘in charge of us.’ In addition, we have someone who infl uences, maybe even controls, our work life but, since they are NOT our direct boss, we think we can avoid managing up.

So what happens when you are working for your boss’s boss on a project? Quite obviously, this ‘boss’ is someone you need to please and satisfy. You need to do a great job but how you do it will maintain trust and respect of your boss.

Here’s how:

1. Keep your boss informed every step of the way. Never assume that (your boss and his boss) two are talking and coordinating your work output. In fact, assume they are not talking.

2. Never, ever assume extra attention means you are being groomed to replace your boss. This is so tempting to think…after all, you are thinking that “finally, someone recognizes my natural abilities around here.” Leave your ego at home.

3. Do not dis your boss. I realize you don’t like him, and his boss may not too thrilled with him either. But don’t go there. The more supportive you are of him, the better. Way better.

4. Ask your boss for his help. This is more than point number 1. Do not find yourself being isolated, no matter how important the ‘project.’

5. Don’t brag about this new relationship to others. This will spell disaster.

6. Lastly, don’t read too much into a simple request. In more informal organizations, some bosses just like to make simple requests of people and they don’t particularly care about the ‘chain of command.” It might mean that you were simply the one who answered the phone or nodded your head at the right time.

The boss of your boss is the easiest one to handle. The real mouse in the room is when you don’t recognize another person’s importance and choose to ignore a request. A CEO request comes to mind, that’s easy. But a request for someone who is working with a customer? Ignore this person at your peril.


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