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How to Change Your Career Path

The economic crisis America faces today has forced several workers into unemployment. While one of the solutions to this is seeking a different employer in the same industry, another way to resolve unemployment is to pursue new skill sets. Adult learners all over the nation are returning to school to pursue the degrees and certifications required to change their career path.

Here are five pointers on how to get started changing your career path today.

• Upgrade your degree. If you already have a Bachelor’s Degree, consider pursuing a Master’s Degree or a Master of Business Administration. M.B.A. programs require a Bachelor’s Degree to start but could lead in entirely new directions; for example, a Bachelor of Arts in Photography could pursue an occupation as a business manager with an M.B.A.
• Add to your degree. Bachelor Degree holders can return to school in order to add a minor or a second major to their repertoire of expertise.
• Enhance your current skills with a certificate. Businessmen laid off from professional jobs could do something as quick and precise as a six-month Adobe certification program and suddenly qualify for entirely new job angles, like a graphic designer.
• Start from scratch with vocational training. There’s nothing stopping you from starting with an entirely new field of education, such as attending a diving or bartender school. Vocational training programs can get students of all ages equipped for a new field in only a couple years time.
• Get hands-on experience through an apprenticeship. Does vocational training not seem like the thing for you? Try to find an internship or apprenticeship that will get you the job skills you need to pivot around into a new career without the schoolwork attached.

A career change isn’t just in order for the unfortunate people in the pools of unemployment, either. Workers that are unhappy with their current occupation can turn to a different career path to help bolster their daily life, whether they are in their thirties, forties, or beyond.

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