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8 Tips to Follow for Trade Show Success

Participating in trade shows and exhibiting your products there is a great way to promote your brand and to build relationships with your Target Audience.

In this article I would be discussing the common tips which would help you to successfully promote your Business in Tradeshows.

1. Selecting Trade Show: – Select Trade Shows which are related to your products and are being organized at places where your target audience is available. If possible, try to get information of other companies who would also be coming in those tradeshows to get the idea about quality of audience who would be coming to the tradeshow.

2. Try to be Unique: – You should try to do something different so that you can stand out and attract audience in trade shows. Being unique in tradeshows is sometimes not possible as in some cases lots of other exhibitors are also displaying similar or same products. To avoid this, try to participate in Unrelated Trade Shows. For e.g.:- If you sell computers, you can participate in Local Trade Shows related to home appliances and attract some potential customers.

3. Create Buzz: – Try to use tradeshows as an opportunity for creating a newsworthy buzz. Since most of the tradeshows are covered by local media you can use it as a great platform to launch a new product or service and become a central attraction of whole tradeshow.

4. See Your Booth as Attendee: – Try to visit your booth as attendee before trade shows starts instead of visiting it like an exhibitor. Try to make your booth interactive for your visitors by encouraging them to ask questions about your services and make sure that your visitors feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience at your booth.

5. Focus on Quality: – Try to include only quality products for your booth at tradeshows as these booths reflect your brand image on visitors.  Don’t include lots of products on your booth as it doesn’t look good and can confuse your visitors.

6. Keep Records of Visitors: – You should always try to keep record of the visitors who visit your booth and show interest in your products. Try to get their contact details so that you remain in touch with them even after the trade show ends.

7. Promotional Products and Giveaways: – We all love free gifts! Attract visitors to your booth by offering them free gifts which are relevant to your product. For e.g.:- If you provide kitchen renovation services, you can give them promotional knives as free gifts. These products imprinted with your logo and contact details would always keep your brand name in the mind of your visitors.

8. Promote, Promote and Promote: – Start promotion of your booth few days before the start of trade show. Send a newsletter to your current clients telling them about your booth in trade show. In short, try to promote at every place possible. Using these tips and techniques will help to ensure success at trade shows, but your presence and energy once the event bigs.


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