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Wrong Job or Just Bored?

Wrong Job or Just Bored?
Is that it, or are you just not seeing the bigger picture? What is the potential of your job if you looked at it in a different way? A lot of young people quit a job too early thinking that their broad range of experience has taught them to understand the workplace.

Here are some quick ideas to see if your boredom is the result of your job or your own perspective:

* Have you honestly tried everything you can do to insert some excitement and passion into the work you do? It is not enough to think that the company is passionless. That only tells me that it needs someone to create passion. It might as well be you.
* Are you bored because you need constant reinforcement or feedback on how you are doing? This is not Little League any more, a lot of managers are working too hard to hand-hold you through your early years of working. Recognize that you have to find your own worth, your own way of measuring yourself, of fi nding small achievements that you can be proud of daily.
* Is the job itself made up of mundane boring tasks, easily mastered and, therefore, boring? Every job is important to someone. If you have mastered it but are faced with many, many more months of repeating the same task, over and over again, you might not like how that sounds. Most companies have certain business processes at work, and absolutely requiresomeone who can accomplish the assigned tasks in the assigned manner.

Your challenge is to make the work better, more effi cient, less costly, more impactful, something that can break you out of the rut. Try to achieve more in your daily work than your manager or company believes possible. Often the path to a meaningful career begins when you show how well you can perform a task or series of tasks.

Once you have mastered something, seek greater responsibility and perform well at the next set of tasks. Remember that your job is important to your manager and your company. If it is not important to you, it might be to someone else.

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