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Little Overlooked Things Can Destroy a Company Culture

A company culture trumps its products, services, or even people. It is that important. I was reminded of this over the weekend when I was talking with someone who recently joined a local company. This company even has an external positive buzz about it. But it still has a negative culture.

He told to me that during his initial training, he noticed that there were printed lists on employees’ cubes. These were things that employees should watch for. Typed memos that said things like….Number 3.

Your boss will take your good idea and take complete credit for it. This was on several cube walls, and in public sight. I am all for employee empowerment, letting people reach their potential and not micro-managing them. But I draw the line at this sort of disrespectful-in-your-face- us-versus-them attitude. If you are a worker, or even a manager, and see this sort of thing happening at your company, what would you do? You can fix it…no matter your level.

Here’s how:

1. Don’t participate.

2. Ask if the person realizes how negative these things are to others. That some of you are trying to do the right thing here, and this sort of thing has negative influence. It hurts you, embarrasses you. And, that it makes you less proud of where you work.

3. If he or she doesn’t take them down after being somewhat embarrassed, ask what you can do to help solve some of these issues that are being raised. If it is your company, or your department, do not tolerate this sort of festering to go on.


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