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Welcome to the REAL World

Those of you in the biz – don’t laugh: I received this response to a LinkedIn referral request for a specific type of position that this gentleman would know (I had also attached’the link to’our RPO client’s career site listing)':

Thanks for reaching out to me.’Don’t take this personally, but I generally do not work with recruiters because 95% of them do not deliver. I really have no respect for any organization/business who cannot come directly to me.

There is no need for a third party to get involved with Linked In now days. Besides, you guys are not interested in my best interests. . . You are only interested in your company’s best interest.’I don’t see the point in getting all excited over absolutely nothing.’Its generally a waste of my cell phone minutes and a waste of’your time as well as my own.’Best wishes to you and your organization.

Ok, after I stopped alternating being’pissed off or’snickering, I felt sorry for the guy.’ He clearly had both misunderstandings about how the recruiting world works, and may have been mislead as well.’ So for his sake I thought I would share some real world basics.

Welcome to the real world, sorry if I burst your bubble.


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