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Networking your way to a new position

It’s Wednesday evening and a man (or woman),’is sitting at his desk and remembers he was invited to a wedding for a’relative this Saturday night. He pulls out his rolodex, table napkins where he wrote down phone numbers, other sources and begins going through the list and begins calling.

This is similar to what most of us do in business. ‘Only when we need something, a ”businesses contact, a lead, where to submit a resume do we start to go thorough our ‘little black book’. Only when we need a contact, we ramp up our networking.

In business, an old adage is true; it’s not what you know but who you know.

Networking is one of the most valuable (and inexpensive) forms of marketing.

The truth of the matter is that the best time to reach out to those connections and contacts is on a continuous basis.’ (Never Stop) Most of each should keep in touch, learn and share ideas, be more generous than the next and always grow that circle.

Especially in today’s economy, if you haven’t been keeping up now is the time to start.

Although there are hundreds of books and articles, below are some Suggestions on Networking.

Choose Your Connections for his/her Reputations and Position

Make sure you have an introduction that can be passed along demonstrating how you resolve problems and take on new challenges. Ask your contact to forward along a request for an introduction. Make sure that you come across as a go to person, an asset to any company. This is done so that whenever a source is asked who a go to person is, your name will be front and center. Remember you don’t have to choose contacts that are simply likely to aide in your job search. It’s OK to select contacts that are simply well placed, and have a strong Bio.

Be Yourself

Many introverted professionals think they have to act like an extrovert in networking situations. While you do have to make an effort to be more gregarious than normal, you shouldn’t be artificial.

Not everybody is a born schmoozer…Many people feel that a schmoozer simply has the wrong internet and is not interested in helping anyone but himself…

Be the authentic, aw-shucks, humble, shy person you are. It can be endearing. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

Dialogue with direct decision/hiring makers at your target employers

(So-on and So-on and So-on)

To find those perfect unadvertised jobs, make sure you are on that persons radar screen for when something more appropriate becomes available. Being well prepared and make’ an outstanding initial impression will not just put your self in play’ but the decision makers themselves ,’ they too are networked and can put you in touch with other hiring managers . The most important thing here is the overlap of network contacts. From one Decision maker’s contacts you now have several new ones.’ Thus is the importance of the so-on and so-on approach’

Forget the ‘phony’ sales pitch. Been there done that.

‘Keep the conversation natural. Share information about you and your company, but not in a way that’s canned. Do it in a more matter of fact way. It should roll out naturally. Asking other people questions about themselves, too, creates opportunities to share what you’re doing without the conversation seeming like it’s all about me-me-me.

Communicate your Interests and Desires.

‘Not only can you win people over with your enthusiasm for your product or service, but an upbeat manner is often contagious. Getting other people to share their passion, too, helps create a memorable two-way conversation.


One of the easier things to do give the current Internet exposure is to create a web presence. This allows you to create a summary, bio, and even references..all this data an now easily get into the hands of Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Human resource Professionals etc, The Business and Personal web sites are endless: Linked IN, Zoom Info, My Space, FaceBook, alumni directories, MySpace., Twitter, etc. Using a niche site to post your profile will be much more beneficial since you are more likely to be noticed. When posting on any site make sure you can be easily found..,whether its key words, salary ranges, industries etc

Get Over Your Fear of Rejection

In the course of networking, you’ll encounter people who can’t or don’t want to help you. That’s the way it is. YOU CANNOT AND MUST NOT take any reaction personally. You also don’t want to dwell on it. It’s all part of the process

When you overcome your fear of rejection, it’ll be easier to make cold calls and strike up conversations with strangers.

‘The person sitting next to you at a banquet or on an airplane is most likely feeling as uncomfortable as you are and will appreciate you breaking the ice. They just might be a fabulous contact for you or know the right person for you to talk to. You just won’t know until you try!.

Be sure to Stay in touch

Its critical to ask a person whom you met, spoken to , had a cocktail with etc, for their information It could be’ business card, an email address, it doesn’t make a difference it’s a name .’ A few tips: Make sure you send a new contact a thank you note any interesting articles, Newspaper clippings a link off the internet, birthdays, anniversaries anything to give you visibility and in front of them. (KEEP IN TOUCH!) You now have another new contact!


The actual act of sending something out is rather inexpensive given today’s technology. It takes less than a minute to prepare and send a Happy Birthday note.

The above suggestions are not 100% conclusive.

Be creative!


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