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Is your social media strategy, 120, 240 or 360 degrees.

Is your social media strategy, 120, 240 or 360 degrees.

So chances are you have heard of social media and you have a strategy in place to reap the benefits of the new wave of interaction that is now available to us all.  You are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Xing, Delicious, Digg, ah the list goes on and on.

Your strategy is sourcing you a great deal of traffic and to date you have somewhat figured out there is a benefit in doing all of this and you are starting to see some return for your efforts.’ Well done, this will and should occur with a defined plan in place.’ Whilst it is still very much early days and the approach may very well change in 5 years time, we must get the most out of it’s current structure while we can, why not, it’s an opportunity missed otherwise and what is the business value in not having a social media strategy?

So for now you have solved what is the puzzle of social media and recruiting.’ But is that really it?’ It can really be that ‘relatively’ easy can it?

What if I was to suggest that your strategy is only 33% complete? And there should be in fact 3, yes 3, parts of your social media strategy.

1. Attraction + Engagement + onboarding

This one is a bit of a no-brainer for the first 2 uses, but who is using social media for onboarding? Attraction and engagement is great when talking about utilsing all of the above mentioned sites to spread the word about your company, the fantastic opportunities you have, and what a great business you have become.’

But what about on-boarding.’ Do you encourage new employees to connect with current employees prior to starting and entice them to start getting involved in the business in any way they can.’ Either just by following a conversation or getting up to date with current projects that they will be working on.

2. Retention + Engagement + Collaboration

Here is where your social media strategy provides you your greatest ROI.’ You have attracted talent, hired them, they have under-gone a great on-boarding process and they are starting to hit their straps.’ You’re employees are all over social media as we know, however how can you harness social media internally to improve outcomes and enhance engagement and more collaboration.’ We do after all enjoy the people we work with, more then the job itself most of the time.

Supplying your staff with the ability to create chat groups, pose questions to the rest of the business and move projects along with more communication is every companies dream.’ Imagine allowing managers the ability to have a better understanding and the ‘pulse’ of their staff by simply getting more involved in what they want to talk about, business or otherwise.

With meetings always cancelled or shifted to a time when not everyone can attend due to sickness or holiday, the meeting itself never resolving or covering every discussion point required, and follow up more and more difficult as some people just cannot be tracked down, why not have your staff continue moving things along with the power of a community platform.

Not only is this great for speeding up discussion and greater collaboration, but if you ever have a question why not pose it to the rest of the company in a non-intrusive manner.’ Who knows what answers you will get and what other business enhancements may be raised from one conversation alone.

3. Exiting + Alumni

It is suffice to say that people move on at some stage, but does that mean your communication should cease entirely.’ Understanding why people leave is never easy or straight forward, and answering surveys, being involved in discussions and simply making them feel like their voice is still being heard is crucial.

‘You may not want to stay in touch as a business with every ex employees but it would be remiss not to have some connection with former employees for either future job opportunities or business deals.’ You never know who might be your client or vice versa moving forward.’

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