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Be Sure to Discuss Relocation with Your Family Prior to Pursuing Out-of-Town Positions

Be Sure to Discuss Relocation with Your Family Prior to Pursuing Out-of-Town Positions

Opening your job search to include out of town and out of state locations is a great way to increase your chances of finding the best positions available – especially in today’s tough and uncertain job market. Many companies are open to filling positions with out of town applicants and in many cases will offer comprehensive relocation packages.

It is easy to apply to all suitable jobs nationwide and say yes to recruiters who may present out of state positions. Unfortunately many job seekers do not consider what locations are suitable for themselves or their family until it is too late in an interview process. It is unfair to a potential employer to realize prior to an interview, after receiving an offer, or even worse, after accepting an offer that the location of their position is not suitable for your family. It’s even more unfair to your family members to figure this out after engaging interest in a position and not discussing the position’s location beforehand.

If you are open to considering out of state opportunities, be sure to have an open discussion with your spouse or family members to determine a list of acceptable and unacceptable geographic locations. Factors to consider include career opportunities for family members, housing prices, recreational activities, weather, schools, and friends & family in the area. Go to sites like,, or to get a feel for what positions are available for family members. Search real estate sites such as,, and to get a feel for actual home prices. This is a much better way to get a feel for the primary factor of the region’s cost of living and a more accurate snapshot than a ‘cost of living’ calculator.

If you are beginning or in the middle of a job search and open to relocation, simply make a Yes/No list of desirable and undesirable geographic locations prior to submitting your resume to any positions or companies in these areas. Doing so beforehand will save you a tremendous amount of headache and inconvenience.


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