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Job Search SEO – Secure Your Name, Whether You Use it Now or Later

Web developers don’t rely on luck to drive readers to their Web site. They use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the likelihood search engines will showcase their Web pages. Your profiles on LinkedIn and other social networks should be no different. Make sure recruiters can find you.

SEO relies on the concept that the more prominently a Web page appears in search results, the more searchers will visit the page. Optimizing your profile pushes it toward the top.

Job Search SEO - Secure Your Name, Whether You Use it Now or LaterSEO marketers (a budding job classification) add keywords, which are the terms that are most likely to be queried by a Web searcher interested in the topic you are trying to promote — in this case, your career. If you want to be noticed by anyone who needs a Database Administrator with MySQL experience, your profile should use include those specific terms, instead of more generic or less descriptive terms like “DBA” or “database admin” and any specific languages or skills the recruiter might search for.

Choosing the right network for your profile can also help.

While Facebook might be a larger, more useful network for your profession, LinkedIn is particularly well positioned for Google searches.

Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Propeller, Mixx and others are good to help with sales people who want to generate potential leads for future (or present/potential) jobs, they can provide benefits should you be looking for a profession in online marketing.

We recommend taking a moment and registering your name on all the social media sites – whether you are going to use them now for leverage, or late for personal branding purposes. Having your name secured is important and it will help your name recognition of Google Search – which is something that recruiters and employers are increasingly looking at.


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