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Preventative Medicine for Your Job References

Preventative Medicine for Your Job References

Web developers don’t rely on luck to drive readers to their Web site. They use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the likelihood search engines will showcase their Web pages. Your profiles on LinkedIn and other social networks should be no different. Make sure recruiters can find you.

If you truly feel that your background and job search is being compromised by knowingly misleading, malicious or false information, then you may want to hire an attorney or consider legal action.

Can You Believe It?First choice is always to contact your former employer and reference and try to resolve any bad blood or issues up front, before you start your interview processes. Consider all your options but start with preventive reference medicine first: prepping references with current resumes and getting written references and contact information.

Aggressive lawyer letters may silence your references completely and shave important time off of your job search. A lawsuit could tie up lots of time and resources you may not have during an earnest job search. And what if a so-called bad reference’s statements are justified? Before a lawsuit, find out what you and your reference agree on.


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