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When Should Job Seekers Get Their Offer In Writing?

When Should Job Seekers Get Their Offer 'In Writing'?Always get it in writing!

There are too many example of job seekers who get to the final steps of securing their ideal position only to have misunderstandings and mis-communications ruin everything; this goes for dates, durations, promotions, vacation, travel and other ancillary expenses.

Don’t avoid negotiating your compensation package only to find out later that the benefits are different from what you thought you negotiated. You should get it in writing.

On the other hand can “getting it in writing” be overkill? When the employer tells you out loud what the salary is, isn’t asking for written confirmation tantamount to saying, “Your word isn’t good enough for me?” Well, expensive misunderstandings can occur in the salary negotiation process, but you can prevent them easily enough by writing things down at the proper time.

While you want to make sure that you get what you want and deserve, avoid the back and forth overkill. Attempt to get clarity on your contract sooner rather than later.


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