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Networking in Your Job Search Meaningfully

Networking in Your Job Search MeaningfullyWhether online or offline, make sure that you have a consistent message when communicating to strategic relationships or unadvertised leads. Rely on your specialization statement as an introduction elevator statement and then go into greater details when prompted.

As you build relationships and networks, know that these people will become ‘career insurance’ at the worst. Should a job or career fall short and you need to make a change, then these individuals will help you to get your next position.

With friends, centers of influence and family you have a network on individuals whom you can ask to help you find your ideal career. When these supporters find an opportunity that may fit for you, your online career space gives the potential employer or recruiter an opportunity to find out more about you without having to contact you- if needed, this is something they can do in the comfort of their own home!



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