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Mark Montoya
Mark Montoya
Resume Expert
"Make visible what without you, might not have been seen."
Coach Karen is a Resume ExpertCoach Karen
Interview Expert
"You only live once, so don't live with regrets."
Coach Stephanie is an Interview Expert

 Coach Stephanie

CEO Coach

"You only live once, so don't live with regrets."

Coach Kisha

Career Transition Expert

"A Stop Doing List is More Important Than A To-Do List."

About MyOnlineCareerCoach

(MOCC Symbol)What began as an innocuous search, ended up as a website.

The search was for up-to-date information and coaching about the modern job search. The results led to sites that were outdated with poor upkeep and misinformed about the challenges and troubles facing today’s job seeker. Further, these websites did not offer career coaching, rather, those searches led to companies offering career coaching for large sums of money.

Together with a collection of career coaches, the effort began to create a site that answered the pending need of job seekers for relevant, consistent, up-to-date information and coaching for a reasonable cost.

Our company has searched far and wide to get the best career coaches in the business to provide their extensive knowledge and expertise so that more job seekers can get questions answered- instantly!

With these timely answers, it is the hope of the company to help those seeking jobs to get their ideal careers- faster.


Success Stories

"I wanted to let you know that I was successful in finding a new position to which I transitioned on December 1. I am convinced that the improvements you made to my resume were instrumental in helping me communicate a true value proposition to prospective employers. I feel very fortunate, and I really appreciate your efforts.”
- Franklin Trusk

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Tips and Techniques

 1. Be Specific. Have Focus in your job/career search.

2. Beef up your email signature.

3. Authenticity Matters

4. Cross-promote.

5. Become visible in the industry.